Dangerous and Perishable Cargo

MMB specializes in carrying DG (Dangerous Goods) shipments safely and according to the IMDG Code (international regulations) and local regulations.
Transporting Dangerous Cargo requires the highest amount of expertise in the market. We gained this experience during decades of transporting all kinds of Dangerous cargo. Reefers and other kinds of special equipment. We have special offices dedicated to help and guide you through the various stages of transporting your DG cargo.

Perishable cargo includes shipments that are perishable and may spoil or decay because of changes in altitude, temperature, humidity, climate, or other environmental conditions or because of expiration.
“Perishable” Label, for cargo requiring a specific temperature, their box(es) must have the temperature information, which must comply with AWB. We have a lot experiences to handle these items and help your shipment arrive as quickly as possible and in good condition.